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& Stamp Service

What envelope services do we offer?

Our envelope service offers both return and mailing address printing for your envelopes and the option to add stamps. Just select if you would like to add stamps, enter your return address, choose from several styles to present your information, and then upload your list of mailing addresses – we’ll do the rest!

How do I add it to my order?

Address Styles

Choose from several addressing styles for your envelopes. Add a touch of elegance with realistic digital printing that looks just like hand-addressing, but utilizes precise lettering for a fashionable calligraphic flair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Recipient Address + Return Address + Stamp option include?

All cards will be folded and stuffed into unsealed envelopes. Envelopes will be printed with a return address and valid recipient address. Stamps will be applied to envelopes with a valid recipient address. No stamps will be applied to envelopes with no recipient addresses.

Can I order envelopes with stamps and no addressing?

We do not currently offer this feature on our website. Please email to discuss stamp options for your order.

Do I need to use your address template or can I use my own?

You will need to use the template that we provide for you. You can download the template here.

Can you format my addresses so that they will fit in your spreadsheet?

All customers are required to fill in their own address spreadsheet with their recipient information. We cannot format your addresses, but are available to answer questions at 866-700-5030 or

The product I'm looking at doesn't have the addressing service option. Why is that?

The addressing service is not available when ordering certain colored envelopes, products that are a unique size, or products that don't include envelopes.

Will you mail our cards for us too?

At this time, the addressing service will only add your recipients' addresses to the envelopes. The full mailing service is coming soon! If your order quantity is over 500 cards, you can contact our sales team at for additional mailing service options.

I'd like my addresses to be printed in a specific font. Can you do this?

You must select from the nine font options we have available.

Can I print my addresses in color?

Black ink is the only color that's available at this time.

Can I print my logo next to my return address?

Yes, we can print your logo. However, it needs to be in black and white.

Can I see a proof that shows how my addresses will look?

Our preview system will show you the return address and the first address in your list so you can see what the style you selected will look like.

I'd like to order additional envelopes to use with leftover cards from last year. Can I get extra envelopes with this order?

Yes, just select the number of extra envelopes you need in the Envelope options. Your return address and recipients' names will be printed on these extra envelopes as well. Make sure that the cards you're using the extra envelopes with are the same size as the order you're placing now!

There is a problem with the order I received. How do I fix it?

Contact our customer service team at 866.700.5030 or, and we will be happy to help.

Will the names and addresses I upload be sold to external vendors?

No. We will not sell, distribute or market to the names and addresses from uploaded address files.