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Birthday Teed Up
Cards & Stationery
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Birthday Flamingos
Cards & Stationery
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Happy Place
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Birthday Cart
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Golfer's Delight
Cards & Stationery
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Birthday Foursome
Cards & Stationery
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Birthday Waves
Cards & Stationery
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Fore Your Birthday
Cards & Stationery
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Golf Party
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Golf Social
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Par Three
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Birthday Swing
Cards & Stationery
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Tee Party
Cards & Stationery
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Birthday Ace
Cards & Stationery
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Cupcakes and Tee
Cards & Stationery
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Classic Birthday
Cards & Stationery
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Birthday Club
Cards & Stationery
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Cards & Stationery
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Birthday Shot
Cards & Stationery
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Birthday Games
Cards & Stationery
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Products Per Page
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21 Products Total
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Golf Birthday Cards

Golf themed birthday cards make great specialty cards that so many people are sure to appreciate. From USGAcardshop’s line of golf happy birthday cards, you can choose happy birthday golf images for him or her, add a personalized message or artwork, and craft a unique custom birthday card to share. Choose a small quantity of birthday golfer greetings or order in bulk. With several golf happy birthday designs to choose from, you can create professional birthday cards, business birthday cards, funny golf birthday cards, modern birthday cards for golfers, classic golf happy birthday cards, and everything in between.


Our golfer birthday images, designs, and accents include golf balls, golf tees, golf courses, golf clubs, golf bags, golf flags, golf carts, and more, presented in fun, stylish, and colorful ways. The golf themes artistically intertwine with birthday text and images like cupcakes, party hats, ice cream cones, birthday candles, balloons, and more.

Enjoyed by Everyone

For Your Employees

Employees of golf organizations are sure to delight in their very own golf-themed birthday cards. Corporate birthday cards are a great way to show you care.

For Your Customers

Clients always appreciated you reaching out on their birthday with golf birthday wishes.

For Your Friends & Family

For friends and family that love the game of golf, our clever happy birthday golfer cards are sure to be a hit.

Personalized Birthday Cards

Creating personalized birthday cards is much better than purchasing pre-designed boxed sets. Adding details like a custom message, your digital signature, your company logo, and photographs will guarantee a better reaction from your recipients. All will realize the effort you put in to create unique customized birthday cards for their special day.

Design Your Own Business Birthday Cards

You can create your own customized birthday cards by combining your details with our current golf happy birthday card templates (see the happy birthday golf images above). Our thorough, but easy to use customization tools will ensure you craft the perfect golf birthday cards each time. When you make your customized birthday cards, you are creating one-of-a-kind golfer birthday wishes to share with family and friends, colleagues, coworkers, and clients. There are endless ways to design stunning and creative birthday cards for all the golf lovers on your list. These aren’t generic birthday cards; if you work for a golf-related company or adore the game, these specialty cards provide perfectly tailored golfer birthday greetings.

Bulk Birthday Cards & Prices

Find cheap birthday cards in bulk, but not at the cost of quality. We offer discount birthday cards made with excellent paper types and rich color printing. Our discount birthday cards and bulk birthday cards exceed our competitors with a guarantee that can only come from the USGAcardshop. The more personalized birthday cards you order, the lower our prices. Increase your quantity on all custom birthday card orders for the best discount on your golfer greetings.

Better Than eCards!

Golf birthday ecards may be great in a pinch, but with a little planning you can forget the golf birthday ecard this year and send ultra-personalized quality paper greetings with our line of customized happy birthday golfer cards. Customize each golf happy birthday card with your unique branding or message and show everyone what their special day means to you – customers, coworkers, family, and friends!

Free Golf Birthday Card Samples

At the USGAcardshop we always believe you should try before you buy! Looking for free golf birthday cards samples? We will provide up to three free golf birthday card samples online to ensure you are 100% happy with your designs before you order. This is great for both small and large quantity orders; see the quality of each golf birthday card, feel the various paper types, and take a look at all your customizations before you send them out. If you need additional samples, talk to our staff, they are happy to help.

Order birthday cards with stellar golf designs today!



What our customers are saying...
Keyword or Product #DP8499
I have bought holiday cards from the USGA for quite sometime, and I did not last year because I have not found the offerings to be acceptable to me. My very favorite of a light house overlooking the ocean, with a golf hole and flag in the foreground is no longer offered. Moreover, I believe the substantial increase in price serves as a deterrent. Go back to some of your prior traditional offerings.
July 03,2019
Love the bold colors and golf theme
The address labels are great; love the product and shopping with USGA. I especially like the Christmas cards. The address labels were a bit pricey though.
March 16,2019


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