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Grateful Game
Greeting Cards
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Carting Around
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A Hole Bunch
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Pink Argyle
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The Courteous Golfer
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The Gracious Golfer
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Careful Caddie
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Mad About Plaid
Greeting Cards
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Even Par
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Hole On The Green
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Tartan Thank You
Greeting Cards
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The Obliged Golfer
Greeting Cards
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Diamond in the Rough
Greeting Cards
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Seamless Greens
Greeting Cards
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Squaring Up Pink
Greeting Cards
DP8456 - Starting At: $1.18

Squaring Up
Greeting Cards
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Polka Dot Games
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Clear Skies
Greeting Cards
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Blue Argyle
Greeting Cards
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The Appreciative Golfer
Greeting Cards
DP8412 - Starting At: $1.18

American Game
Greeting Cards
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Products Per Page
12 | 
24 | 48 | 96
21 Products Total
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Golf Thank You Cards

Stylish golf thank you cards are a hit for every golf-lover in your life. You can send thank you golf cards to family and friends, as well as maintain and grow professional relationships with employees and customers. If you work for a golf organization or simply adore the game, golf-themed thank you cards are perfect.

Everyone enjoys a thank you card. And each of our thank you cards is multi-purpose. Thank people for gifts, for their service, for a kind gesture, for their business; send a thank you note for golf outings or just because. Choose from professional thank you cards, cute thank you cards, fancy thank you cards, and blank thank you cards. Pick from several of our interior messages or customize your own.


Take your golf thank you notes and thank you stationery to the next level with designs that infuse staple golf symbols like golf balls, golf bags, golf tees, golf clubs, golf carts, golf courses, and more into beautiful thank you stationery and greeting card templates that range from classic to contemporary and everything in between.


Add customization to any of our golf stationery and thank you golf cards that can include but are not limited to your logo, name, company name, your personalized “thank you” message, signatures, additional graphics, and real photographs.

Bulk Thank You Cards

Boxed thank you cards from brick-and-mortar stores will not compare to the endless customizations you receive from designing packs of thank you cards at the USGAcardshop. Looking for where to buy thank you cards that will truly make an impression? It’s at the USGAcardshop. You can order your golf-themed thank you cards in small or large quantities. The more you order, the more you save, so we recommend ordering your thank you cards in bulk.  

Cheap thank you cards do not have to come at the expense of quality, as all our designs are created on high-quality paper types in vibrant full-color printing. Be prepared for each gracious moment with bulk thank you cards.

Sizes, Paper Types, & Envelopes

Whether you’re looking for a summer or fall thank you, golf Christmas cards, birthday cards, and more, you’ll find it at the USGAcardshop. We offer various sizes for our golf-themed thank you cards; choose small thank you cards, standard thank you cards, and large thank you cards. Pick from several different papers types for your golf thank you cards, including satin finishes, textured linen, and high gloss. Select standard envelopes for your thank you cards or choose from different foil-lined envelopes, brown recycled Kraft paper, various colors, and the subtle shimmer of our beautiful ice pearl metallic envelopes. We even offer golf address labels to add to your envelopes, featuring all of your favorite golf designs.

The Finest Traditions

Custom golf thank you cards convey your appreciation in a way that thank you eCards cannot. While thank you eCards may be good in a pinch, real paper thank you cards offer a truly personal experience. With your unique customizations, your golf-themed thank you cards will display a level of class and care that supersedes digital communications.

Make the right choice with golf thank you cards from the USGAcardshop.

Thank you!!





What our customers are saying...
Great Quality!
The cards came well packaged and in an expeditious time . I have purchased cards before and I will purchase them again.
June 25,2020
Really liked the large number of cards to choose from, and the ease of personalizing. The price was reasonable, and response very quick. The message is perfect since we will be spending the holidays in Florida this year.
Very pleased with entire process.
November 21,2019


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