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Elegant Ornaments Label
All Occasion

Christmas on the Green Label
All Occasion

The Pink Lady
All Occasion
NEW!  DP8887 - Starting At: $1.18

Water Hole
All Occasion
NEW!  DP8889 - Starting At: $1.18

Tee Medley
All Occasion
NEW!  DP8890 - Starting At: $1.18

The Longshot
All Occasion
NEW!  DP8888 - Starting At: $1.18

Perfect Dimples
All Occasion
NEW!  DP8891 - Starting At: $1.18

Blue Midnight Clubs
All Occasion
NEW!  DP8892 - Starting At: $1.18

The Blue Bag
All Occasion
NEW!  DP8894 - Starting At: $0.99

The Rose Bag
All Occasion
NEW!  DP8895 - Starting At: $0.99

Blue Cart
All Occasion
NEW!  DP8896 - Starting At: $0.99

Pink Cart
All Occasion
NEW!  DP8897 - Starting At: $0.99

The 19th Hole
All Occasion
NEW!  DP8898 - Starting At: $0.99

All Occasion
NEW!  DP8629 - Starting At: $1.18

Golfer and Caddie
All Occasion
NEW!  DP8628 - Starting At: $1.18

Swing or Swim Label
All Occasion

Cardinal View Label
All Occasion

Holly Jolly Label
All Occasion

Christmas Clubs Label
All Occasion

Let It Snow Label
All Occasion

Golf Wonderland Label
All Occasion

Santa's Last Putt Label
All Occasion

Putting Penguin Label
All Occasion

Merry Games Label
All Occasion

Flurry on the Green Label
All Occasion

Best in "Snow" Label
All Occasion

Carting Around
All Occasion
DP8435 - Starting At: $1.18

Birthday Waves
All Occasion
DP8450 - Starting At: $1.18

Birthday Cart
All Occasion
DP8462 - Starting At: $1.18

Elegant Tees
All Occasion
DP8406 - Starting At: $0.99

Fore Your Birthday
All Occasion
DP8458 - Starting At: $1.18

Double Eagle
All Occasion
DP8398 - Starting At: $0.99

Colorful Tees
All Occasion

Short Game
All Occasion
DP8403 - Starting At: $0.99

Perfect Trio
All Occasion
DP8408 - Starting At: $0.99

Tee Time
All Occasion
DP8395 - Starting At: $0.99

Cross Clubs Label
All Occasion

Hole On The Green
All Occasion
DP8457 - Starting At: $1.18

Happy Place
All Occasion
DP8471 - Starting At: $1.18

Grateful Game
All Occasion
DP8440 - Starting At: $1.18

Cupcakes and Tee
All Occasion
DP8451 - Starting At: $1.18

Serene Green
All Occasion
DP8411 - Starting At: $0.99

Birthday Teed Up
All Occasion
DP8447 - Starting At: $1.18

The Gracious Golfer
All Occasion
DP8413 - Starting At: $1.18

Tee Party
All Occasion
DP8468 - Starting At: $1.18

The Courteous Golfer
All Occasion
DP8414 - Starting At: $1.18

Golf Social
All Occasion
DP8459 - Starting At: $1.18

Birthday Flamingos
All Occasion
DP8466 - Starting At: $1.18

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Products Per Page
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95 Products Total
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Golf Cards and Golf Stationery

Looking for golf themed stationery and more? If you’re a golf lover or run a golf-related business, no other online stationery stores will compare to the USGAcardshop – the perfect place to design custom golf products like:

  • Golf Greeting Cards
  • Golf Note Cards
  • Golf Stationery Paper
  • Golf Thank You Cards
  • Golf Birthday Cards
  • Golf Address Labels
  • Golf Calendars
  • Golf Holiday Cards (Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s)

On this page, you’ll see great golf designs customized to fit several categories.

Golf Stationery

Fully-customizable personal stationery for golf themed place cards, golf letterhead, a golf note card, personalized correspondence cards, golf greeting cards, customized stationery sets, as well as discount and cheap personalized stationery for golf lovers and golf-related businesses. Create men’s monogrammed stationery for personal or business use, women’s monogrammed stationery, and unisex personalized stationery sets.

Golf Thank You Cards

Looking for where to buy thank you cards that will truly make an impression? It’s at the USGAcardshop.

We offer golf themed thank you cards and golf thank you notes for your clients, employees, family, and friends. We have professional thank you cards, cute thank you cards, fancy thank you cards, and blank thank you cards; you can even create a thank you note for golf outings. We even offer cheap thank you cards with great savings, but no matter the price, we always guarantee a top quality product. Pick from several of our interior messages or customize your own.

Boxed thank you cards from stores will not compare to the fantastic customization options you get from designing packs of thank you cards at the USGAcardshop. You can order your golf-themed thank you cards in bulk for large mailings or in small quantities for more intimate personal mailings. However, the more you order, the more you save, so we recommend ordering bulk thank you cards to always be prepared!

Golf Birthday Cards

Golf themed birthday cards and golf birthday wishes are true specialty cards that are sure to make your recipients smile. From our selection of golf happy birthday cards, you can choose happy birthday golf images for him or her and then add a personalized message, additional golfer birthday images or graphics, and real happy birthday golf pictures. Create a unique custom birthday card with happy birthday golfer images to share, and add other customizations like signatures and a logo to each golf birthday card. Choose a small quantity of birthday golfer greetings or order them in bulk. With so many golf happy birthday designs, you can create both personal and professional birthday cards. Business birthday cards are excellent for reaching out to customers, and your employees will enjoy them too.

Design modern birthday cards for golfers, classic golf happy birthday cards, unique happy birthday golfer cards, and everything in between for family, friends, and more. Custom, high-quality, birthday golfer cards are far more personal and valued than golf birthday ecards. And, while a golf birthday ecard may be great in a pinch, nothing compares to a real happy birthday golf card from the USGAcardshop.

Free Golf Birthday Card Samples

Do you want to see how your cards look before you send them out? We even offer free golf birthday cards samples. Select up to three free golf birthday card samples online. If you need more happy birthday golf card samples, talk to our knowledgeable customer service staff.

Funny Golf Birthday Cards

For the golfer with a sense of humor, design funny golfing birthday cards and funny golf birthday wishes with your name, logo, and more. Choose from funny golfer images like our golfing flamingos in party hats or design your own funny golf birthday images and funny golf expressions to send and share. Funny birthday wishes for golfers are always appreciated! Create your eye-catching happy birthday golf funny cards today.

Golf Address Labels

Add personalized golf address labels to your envelopes when sending out greeting cards, thank you notes, golf letterhead, and personalized golf stationery. Customize unique golf return address labels and golf club name labels with all your info. Our golf address label designs are plentiful with several golf themes – great for holiday and every day!


  • Golf Club Name Labels
  • Golf Ball Name Labels
  • Golf Club Address Labels
  • Golf Ball Address Labels
  • Golf Tee Return Labels
  • A Golf Cart Address Label
  • Golf Course Address Labels
  • Holiday Custom Address Labels
  • And More!

Our return address labels help you to display a distinct level of professionalism to your customers and prospects in the golf industry; they are also great for personal mailings that you send to family and friends.


Add customization to any of our golf stationery, thank you golf cards, golf birthday cards, golf labels, and personalized note cards that can include but are not limited to your logo, name, company name, your personalized “thank you” message, signatures, additional graphics, and real photographs.

Golf Cards & Stationery

Each fully-customizable label, greeting card, and custom stationery template offers something different:

  • Classic Designs
  • Modern Designs
  • Professional Designs
  • Whimsical Designs
  • Basic Designs
  • Fine Art Designs
  • Holiday Designs
  • And More.

They all feature popular golf accents like:

  • Golf Clubs
  • Golf Balls
  • Golf Tees
  • Golf Carts
  • Golf Bags
  • Golf Flags
  • Golf Courses
  • Putting Greens
  • And More.

Our golf cards and stationery come in several sizes and formats to fit your needs.

Take a look. Choose what you like. Order in small quantities or bulk; for business or pleasure.

Design your golf cards and stationery today at USGAcardshop!


What our customers are saying...
Great Cards
Beautiful card. Combines a beautiful nature scene with golf!! Plus gives a lot of options for the card!!
December 21,2019
We have been a customer of USGA, purchasing our Christmas cards for countless years. USGA provides a huge assortment of holiday cards to choose from; in fact, there have many times we've selected several designs for an occasion as it was too difficult to pick just one. USGA has added many wonderful options from printing the envelopes with the sender & recipents name/address; pre-folding and stuffing the cards; as well as placing the postage on the envelopes. These great features makes sending holiday cards so convenient and time-saving; especially when we all have so many other details we are doing in prepration for Christmas. I highly recommend using USGA when selecting your holiday cards, too!
September 13,2019


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